There is something a bit magical about the Holiday season. It's a time of gathering and celebration, where we take a moment to process the year that’s gone by, and welcome the new one. A lot of us want to put our best selves forward during this festive time. That means looking our best as well. For this reason we have compiled the 10 best Holiday trends for men in 2021. 

Holiday Trends : Textured Materials

From thick twills and woollens, to tweed and corduroy, textures are all in. They add visual interest to any fabric, and thus any outfit, and enhance character. Take, for instance, two fabrics of the same blue—one is a tightly woven broadcloth, the other a wooly chambray. Not only will the appearance of these two fabrics differ greatly, but so will what they evoke. In essence, what texture does for an outfit is create depth, which can really elevate your look. 

As far a suiting goes, you can use textures in several ways. If you want a more proper or even preppy style, opting for a clean thick twill in a solid colour could be ideal, as would a tweed, or a pairing of both. A thick twill suit in a dark shade of navy blue, paired with a burgundy tweed vest could look particularly good at an office Christmas party, for example. 

Holiday Trends : Tonal Layering 

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Tonal layering or the monochromatic look, is a timeless classic that looks very elegant when done right. The best thing about this look is the variety of items that can be used to construct it. For this reason, it is easily achievable and can allow you to be ultra comfortable while looking very put together. Here’s what you need to know in order to get the look right;

The first tip to achieve the look is to stick with classic colours and shades. You can have a turquoise monochromatic look, but it is more likely to be eclectic, rather than elegant. Therefore, tonal layering is at its best when done in very dark jewel tones or earth tones. For example, using dark emerald shades, or beige and caramel shades. 

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The second thing you must understand in order to get the look right is tones. In other words, for every colour out there, there are cool toned iterations and warm toned iterations of it. For instance, although they are both green, there is a big difference between an olive green and a forest green. Olive green is a green in which there is more yellow (warm) and a forest green is a green in which there is more blue (cold). Although this might seem a bit tricky to grasp for some, most people can tell instinctively. Indeed, most would agree that an olive green and a forest green paired together look off somehow.

Holiday Trends : Earth Tones

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Another timeless trend that’s all the rage this Holiday season is earth tones. For those who might be somewhat confused as to what can be qualified as an earth tone, it is essentially any colour that can be found in nature. Examples include forest green, mushroom brown, charcoal grey, ochre yellow, hyacinth, terracotta, etc. What’s great about these types of colours is that a lot of them pair nicely together. With multiple earth toned items of clothing, it is easy to create many different outfits. Go for deep shades of those colours if you like a richer colour palette. And reversely, opt for desaturated ones if you prefer a more neutral palette. 

Holiday Trends : Pinstripes

Pinstripes never truly go out of style, but they are particularly popular this Holiday season. If you haven’t yet invested, consider doing so this year. First rising in prominence during the Jazz Age and Gilded Age before it, pinstripe suits have always had a touch of glamour, decadence, and mystery about them. Although they are a typically regarded as formal pieces, they can be just as playful as they are elegant. The key is in knowing how style them.

Holiday Trends : Checkered Prints

The checkered pattern is a classic print that has erupted everywhere on the runway in 2020-2021. From subtle gingham to bold black and white chest board print, it has established itself as a quintessential turn of the decade look. It's here to stay this Holiday season, and almost guaranteed to overstay its welcome. Therefore, we recommend you get some checkered prints in your wardrobe. 

Holiday Trend : Velvet  

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Velvet was all the rage in 90s, and here it is again in full force, just in time for the Holidays. and who doesn’t like the feel of velvet? Not only does it feel luxurious, it looks like it too. We’re glad it's back and highly encourage you to get some velvet in your closet. A popular way of wearing velvet is to sport a jacket. Indeed, look at the multitude of velvet jackets worn on the red carpet as of late for inspiration.

Holiday Trend : Double Breasted Jacket 

Another 90s trend making a come back this Holiday season is the double breasted jacket. They’re somewhat of a statement piece, no doubt. For this reason double breasted jackets are often associated with a bolder aesthetic. Nevertheless, there are ways of making it fit your style, no matter what it is. 

If you like a more laidback look and you happen to be tall and trim, consider opting for an oversized fit. It will counterbalance the double breasted jacket’s typically firm structure. If you’re on the shorter or wider side, stick to shorter jacket lengths. Go for earth toned jackets, as they will evoke a more relaxed look.

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Holiday Trend : Pleated Pants 

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Pleats are in as of fall 2021 and are still going strong for the Holidays. They went out of fashion for a while, but we couldn’t be happier to see them make a comeback. They are quite stylish and offer a welcomed alternative to flat fronted pants. Indeed, flat fronted pants actually quite unforgiving to any visible belly or bloat.

The great thing about pleated pants is that they are flattering on all shapes and sizes. If you’re on the thicker side, pleats do a great job of camouflaging any imperfection at the waist, hips, and thighs. Furthermore, they provide you with an overall leaner appearance. They also elongate the leg, which gives everyone a more proportionate looking body and a more flattering silhouette. You can also opt for a high rise pleated pants. The high rise has been in fashion for a while and will give you a taller appearance as well.

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Another great feature of pleated pants is flexibility. Pleats are essentially achieved by making gathers in the fabric. The side effect of this is extra folded fabric is extra hidden room. For this reason, unless it's too small for you, you'll never be squeezed by a pair of pleated pants. Instead, you will be able to have a decent size lunch without feeling compressed. Sitting down comfortably at your desk sounds good, doesn't it?  Not to mention, extra room means extra space to move. In pleated pants you'll be able to lift you leg up with relative ease and walk about briskly. 

Holiday Trends : Colourful Coats 

If you live in a country that isn’t blessed with an eternal summer, you’ll need to layer up in the colder months. This Holiday season, it's time to lather on the rainbow because colourful coat are in fashion; and frankly, what better way to add colour back into our lives than bundling ourselves up with it. That said, pick a colour, pick a style, and go show the cold who’s boss. 

Holiday Trend 10: Ties

Ties have never truly gone out of style, nor are they likely to anytime soon. However, the trend seems to have them be more than just the finishing touch of a suit, but instead be the focal point of an outfit. Bold stripes and—surprise surprise—velvet are in this Holiday season. Pick a velvet tie to go with your velvet jacket, or pick a bold striped tie to go with your textured suit; and, most of all, enjoy the festivities!

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