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About Suitablee


It all started from an idea: To combine old-school tailoring with technology while making our products accessible and affordable.

In October 2015, SUITABLEE was launched in Montréal, Canada. We didn’t have an office. We didn’t have a webpage. No one in the fashion industry knew about us. We had no fancy grants and startup money. But we did have the work ethic, the background, and the passion. Here we were, two engineers launching into the large world of custom suits.

Our first years were about proving the demand for affordable custom suits. We made it easy and accessible – we would spend time on the road fitting all types of customers at their homes and offices. Whether in the rain, snow – we spent two years as mobile tailors. It wasn’t easy but we pushed forward while learning all the intricacies about custom tailoring. We stuck to it spending countless hours by the sides of tailors understanding all the ins and outs about what made a perfect suit.

In this journey, we learned everything about suits and dress shirts. We developed a state-of-the-art platform on suitablee.com to help in the design process. We learned all about marketing and partnerships. And most importantly, we learned about our customers and what they wanted: Quality, speed, precision and affordability.

Today, we’ve taken deep dives into artificial intelligence, body scans and efficiencies to produce perfect-fitting garments at a fraction of the price that our competitors can offer. Technology is what differentiates us from the pack – we’re efficient and have reduced errors and all the overhead needed to produce sick suits.

As we continue to expand, our business model remains nimble, efficient, and effective. We've recently added two physical storefronts to complement our online presence – one in the historic Old Port of Montreal and another in the prestigious Quartier Dix30 in Brossard. While we've embraced these new physical locations, we still serve a significant portion of our customers online. Our growth has been driven by our unwavering dedication and commitment to quality. We believe that our customers shouldn't bear the burden of inefficiencies and high rents, and we remain committed to providing exceptional value in every tailored suit.

- Jean-Sebastien & Jean-Jeremie Siow


About Suitablee
Suitablee About us


Our suits are created using a combination of traditional tailoring techniques and advanced technology. We use laser cutting to ensure precision in fabric cutting and artificial intelligence to determine the best cut patterns for the perfect fit. Our Automatic Sizing Technology utilizes data from thousands of body scans from local customers to generate custom digital garment patterns.

We've digitized all our suit design patterns, making necessary adjustments based on feedback from our customers. By linking unique patterns to customers' self-reported measurements and preferences, we can accurately create new and personalized patterns using our 12-question survey. This ensures that each suit is perfectly tailored to the customer's measurements and preferences, resulting in a comfortable and stylish fit.

About Suitablee
Suitablee About us


Our state-of-the-art Suit Design Platform allows for limitless options when it comes to buying a suit. From fabric choices to specific design requirements, our platform is perfect for those who are looking for unique styles that are otherwise unavailable in typical off-the-rack retailers.

About Suitablee
Suitablee About us


The ability of our technology to limit guesswork during the tailoring process has opened the door to affordable custom tailoring. Typical tailors guess garment sizes and cuts while reinventing the wheel with each new customer. Conversely, the wealth of data collected with each new customer allows us to continue to build on our knowledge and product, thus reducing error and costs.