Frequently asked questions


Where is Suitablee based?

Suitablee was founded and based in one of North America’s famous fashion hubs, Montréal.

How can I reach Suitablee?

You can reach us through our CONTACT US page.

How are you able to charge such an amazing price for tailored suits?

Because Suitablee does not own any brick & mortar physical retail store, we are able to provide much more VALUE to our customers and not have you bear the weight of overhead costs such as rent, employee salaries, electricity, etc. Suitablee also works directly with tailors rather than deal with many middle-men, which balloons costs.

Where can I see some pictures of your suits?

Suitablee is big on social media. We believe that there is no better marketing than a happy customer. We encourage our customers to send us selfies and we proudly post them on our INSTAGRAM page or FACEBOOK page.



How do I purchase a suit?

There are two ways to purchase a suit:

  • You can go to the DESIGN SUIT section of our webpage and start designing!
  • If you happen to be from the greater Montreal area, you can book an appointment with one of our famous tailors on our BOOK A TAILOR page. We have over 250 choices of fabric in person.


    How can I measure myself?

    On the DESIGN YOUR SUIT page, Suitablee equips you with a series of very specific videos that will allow you to measure yourself. With the help of a friend, this shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes!

    If you are from Montreal, we will gladly send a tailor to see you to make the measurements for you or you can book an appointment and visit us at our showroom in Montreal.

    What if I change body shape?

    We do not guarantee fit beyond 30 days of receipt of the suit/shirt as bodies will tend to change with time.

    What if I need to change my measurements?

    We keep all your measurements and they are available in your customer profile. You can change your measurements anytime. Note that the measurements you submit with your order is what is reproduced.



    Where are your suits tailored?

    All our suit fabric is from Italy and the UK. Our tailors are in Vietnam.


    Are your suits canvassed?

    All of our suits are half canvas. For $140.00, we can make full canvas suits.

    Can I order just a vest or pants?

    You can definitely do this but you will need to CONTACT US. Economies are made when you buy at least a two-piece suit versus just trousers or jacket.

    What do you recommend for suit and shirt washing?

    We recommend dry cleaning all our shirts and suits.



    How long does it take for my suit to arrive?

    Because your suit or shirt is made from scratch, it ships within 3-4 weeks from the moment your order is placed. For appointments made in person, a pick-up meeting is scheduled within 3-4 weeks (alterations may be necessary) after the day the order is placed. 

    For rushed orders, SUITABLEE charges a $200 extra fee. An order is considered rushed (in-person service only) when a suit is needed (including any alterations) within 2-3 weeks.

    Where do you ship?

    Suitablee ships to the US and Canada with Express shipping. All shipping is free for orders over $150. For orders totalling less than $150, we charge a $15 fee.

    How can I check the status of my order?

    You can log into your account and track your orders.



    Will my suit fit?

    Because of our experienced tailors, we analyze all measurements when we receive them and if anything seems odd, we will be in touch with you. The large majority of our customers are extremely happy with the fit at arrival. In 5% of cases, there are minor adjustments to make such as arm and pants length adjustments. You can claim up to $50 of store credit with our ALTERATIONS POLICY.

    What if I want to return my suit?

    Full refunds are available within 30 days of receiving your product.

    However, we do encourage you to take advantage of our Alterations Credits or Remakes if you have any issues with your custom made clothing.

    Full refunds are available only on products that are unworn, unaltered and undamaged. Any package received that does not meet the aforementioned requirements will be sent back to the customer without refund. Please visit our RETURNS section.



    What currency do you use for transactions?

    We are proudly Canadian and charge our customers worldwide in Canadian Dollars.

    How do I pay for my order?

    Suitablee accepts credit card (Visa, Mastercard) or cash in person. If you purchase online, you can pay with PayPal.

    Are there taxes or customs for me to pay?

    Depending on your location (Canada), you will be subject to paying the appropriate HST and PST. Suitablee pays all customs fees automatically.



    I have a special request for a suit and I do not see it online. Can you help?

    We sure can. You can get in touch with us on our CONTACT US page and we will do everything to accommodate you. Note that for any non-standard request, prices may vary upwards.

    Can you come to my company?

    We love corporate bookings. Please contact us on our CONTACT US page and we will have someone reach out to you within 24 hours to set you up! Our stylists will work with you to set up a mini-showroom in an office or conference room to provide employees with our service! For any orders that above 5 suits, we will provide the groom with a free dress-shirt. For any booking that result in over 5 suits, we will provide the you with a free dress-shirt.

    I am getting married soon. How can I order suits for my wedding party?

    Congratulations! Please contact us on our CONTACT US page and we will have someone reach out to you within 24 hours to set you up! Our stylists will work with you to make sure everything is perfect for your wedding day. For any booking that result in over 5 suits, we will provide the groom with a free dress-shirt. We need to be contacted about 6 weeks prior to your wedding.