Unlike women’s fashion that is fast-changing and trend-dominated, men’s tailoring tends to remain consistent. A man’s clothes can last him longer, especially if they are of good quality and well taken care of. This also goes for the most quintessentially piece of all: the suit. 

A suit that is in style now will likely be in style a decade from now, which is why purchasing a suit is an investment for the long run. Because of this, it’s important to pay attention to what you’re getting, and many factors have to be taken into account when getting a suit. 

One of the first things to consider is whether you’ll be going with a custom suit—also known as a made-to-measure or tailored suit—or whether you’ll be picking a suit off-the-rack from a retailer. There are considerable differences between the two, and factors to keep in mind include pricing and quality. 

Since custom tends to be on the pricier side, some men opt for off-the- rack option. However, off-the-rack suits can cost just as much, with a price sometimes reaching the thousands. And, even when they are less expensive, what you save for in money might end up costing you in terms of quality. 

Let’s examine sizing. 

When you go with an off-the-rack suit, you are confined to the generalized sizing options given to you by the manufacturer. Meaning, you have to select a garment that broadly fits and most likely will have to get re-adjusted at a tailor, which also costs money. 

Off-the-Rack: Hard to find the perfect fit.

When you go with a made-to-measure suit, the process could not be more different. As the name suggests, the suit you will be getting is made to your measurements, and more elements are taken into account. The result will be a garment that is uniquely fitted to you. 

Made-to-Measure: Unique to your body.

In addition, the tailors making your custom suit will often build it with potential future adjustments in mind, ensuring that it could be easily altered within reason if your body changes slightly over time. 

Another key point to look at is design. 

You see, when you go with an off-the-rack option, you are choosing a pre-made suit. You don’t participate in the suit’s design, nor do you select the materials used to make it. The suit you pick out has been produced countless times, so it is one of many identical copies. 

When you opt for made-to-measure, you are involved in the conception of your suit. With the council of a specialist, you get to decide what colour, pattern and texture of fabric you’d like. You get to choose the lapels, the cut, the fit, as well as finer details, such as buttons and pockets. The tailored option, you can create a unique suit that reflects your personal taste and style. 

Made-to-Measure: The choice of lining.

In the end, it all depends on finances, ease, comfort, style, and what function the suit serves for you. Just remember to wear it with confidence.