Off White Paisley Jacquard Tuxedo

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Receive by April 30 2020

Suit Design Details
One Button

One Button

Go-to for fancy events. This layout gives a deeper V to show off a killer shirt and tie combo or vest.

Black Satin Shawl

Black Satin Shawl

An uninterrupted round edge, which is joined in a seam at the back of the neck. A more formal alternative usually seen on formal jackets and worn for events. The collar is made from a different fabric to that of the jacket - satin.

Jet Pocket

Jet Pocket

Instead of being a pouch sewn onto the outside of the jacket, a jetted pocket is a slit in the facing of the jacket, with the pouch hanging inside. This makes it a perfect option for formal suits or tuxedos.

Double Vents

Double Vents

Twin openings that sit on each side of the jacket’s back hem. A more sophisticated flair. The preferred look for most suits.

Displaced Fastening

Displaced Fastening

Displaced button to the right of the center of the waistband. A versatile and stylish look that allows for a good grip on the waistband.

Two Pockets

Two Pockets

The classic trouser.

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Customer Reviews
93% of 100

Average rating 4.65/5

Our wedding customers love this fabric for its texture!

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  1. 80% of 100

    “Heavier than I thought but great fit. ”

    Sanders - Seattle, WA

  2. 100% of 100

    “Just perfect. Thank you. Shipped quickly too. ”

    Gerry F. - Lexington, South Carolina

  3. 100% of 100

    “Highlught of my wedding. ”

    Pablo - Memphis, TN

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The Details

Our off-white paisley custom jacquard tux jacket is designed to impress. The clean and crisp white base comes with a floral embossed design that runs throughout the suit creating a one-of-a-kind design and charm that is hard to miss. This is a perfect summer tuxedo that stands out from the rest, while offering you a unique charm that you will love. Classy look - but with texture. 

We love this as a tuxedo with black satin shawl lapels.

More Information
Color White
Fabric 80% Cotton/20% Wool
Weight 330 g/m
Yarn Jacquard
Pattern Subtle Texture
Season Spring/Summer
Construction Half Canvas, Full Lining
Occasion Wedding


If you are not pleased with the fit of your garment, you can either send it back and we’ll remake it for you or have your local tailor alter it and we’ll pick up the tab! Our goal is to master your fit the first time so that we can make your future suits identical to your ideal fit preference.

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