Emerald Green Wool Suit

USD $570



Receive by May 9 2020

Suit Design Details
Two Button

Two Button

Classic and timeless. Most suits are two button jacketed suits. The jacket fastens at the shirt waist, so you’ll end up getting a slim silhouette. Very versatile option and our choice for most suits.

Standard Notch

Standard Notch

V-shaped indentation. Easily the most common lapel. This lapel is traditional and classic. It is versatile and fits a casual or formal look.

Flap Pocket

Flap Pocket

Welt pockets, that have a rectangle of fabric (usually with rounded edges), which is the flap.The flaps can be hidden by pushing them inside the pocket opening. Recommended for a versatile and common look.

Double Vents

Double Vents

Twin openings that sit on each side of the jacket’s back hem. A more sophisticated flair. The preferred look for most suits.

Displaced Fastening

Displaced Fastening

Displaced button to the right of the center of the waistband. A versatile and stylish look that allows for a good grip on the waistband.

Two Pockets

Two Pockets

The classic trouser.

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Customer Reviews
95% of 100

Average rating 4.75/5

Our wedding customers love this fabric for its texture!

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  1. 100% of 100

    “I wore this suit for my wedding. I loved using the automatic sizing because I had no idea how to measure myself. So many other sites ask you to measure yourself, but I didn't trust myself with a measuring tape. I received the suit and it fit perfectly. Great job SUITABLEE! ”

    Ivan - Raleigh

  2. 80% of 100

    “Nice suit! Probably should have went 3 piece ”

    Hunter - New Jersey

  3. 100% of 100


    Ronald - St. Louis

  4. 100% of 100

    “Only spot with a green suit! ”

    Nick - Calgary

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The Details

Emerald green. Yes - green suits are one of our best non-standard selling colors. We love this color because it's a completely unique color and fabric which looks professional and casual at the same time. We love this suit because it's stretchy and lightweight.

We recommend wearing this suit with notch lapels.

More Information
Color Green
Fabric 100% Merino Wool
Weight 260 g/m
Yarn Super 110s
Pattern Solid
Season Fall/Winter, Spring/Summer
Construction Half Canvas, Full Lining
Occasion Business Casual, Business Formal, Wedding


If you are not pleased with the fit of your garment, you can either send it back and we’ll remake it for you or have your local tailor alter it and we’ll pick up the tab! Our goal is to master your fit the first time so that we can make your future suits identical to your ideal fit preference.

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