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Fit Matters.

The foundation of any outfit starts with the fabric quality. We've become experts at knowing which fabrics help create a perfect fit while remaining light and comfortable. The SUITABLEE team has scoured the world's continents to find the perfect wool. We carry wool from Australia, the UK and Italy. 

From $675


Fit Matters.
Dark Azure Wool Tuxedo

Unlike the other duller blues that you typically see with tuxedos, this blue creates a fabulous contrast with the satin black lapels. Definitely a stunner - and especially attractive for anyone looking to stand out with a bit more vibrance in a formal setting. We love the quality of this English fabric and how it is unlike the typical blue tuxedos.

From $900
Fit Matters.
Ivory Wool Tuxedo

When the big day comes, brides love that their groom have an ivory-colored suit. The reason: wedding dresses are never white. They're Ivory. We've scoured the world looking for a color that matches most of the wedding dresses in the world. This fabric has a good rigidity sought in a tuxedo and is thick enough to not be see-through. Note: Satin shawl lapel and satin trimming around the jet pockets make this masterful.

We'd recommend a white lining and shawl lapel with this tuxedo.

From $825
Fit Matters.
Brown Chambray Windowpane Wool Suit

We love the texture and feel of this chambray fabric. It has small threads extending giving it a casual and soft feel. We love brown but especially when it has an original yet subtle pattern. You can't go wrong with this windowpane suit. We can totally imagine rocking this at an outdoor wedding with a bohemian feel.

Love this with notch lapels and a nice oxford dress shirt.

From $775
Fit Matters.
Orange Wool Suit

The one and only orange wool suit by SUITABLEE. We love this because it's such a stylish color especially in the autumn season. Imagine rocking this at your wedding with all its vibrance and shine.

Our recommendation is to go big or go home - get a vest.

From $1050
Fit Matters.
Space Blue Wool Suit

Our space blue custom wool suit is a refined classic piece that you can easily tailor to match your requirements. This stunning suit is ideal for any occasion, as it offers you a sleek and stylish fit that ensures style. Along with a quality merino wool base, this fabric allows you to stay comfortable for hours. We're confident at SUITABLEE that this fabric will provide an eye-catching space blue custom wool suit can easily be paired with any dress shirt and tie in your collection. If you're looking for a unique blue suit with greyish tones, this is a great choice.

How to style: We recommend to design this suit with a notch lapel and two buttons. Three piece is a must!

From $975
Fit Matters.
Blue Birdseye Check Wool Suit

When texture, color and pattern meet. One of our favorite fabrics in all of our collection. We love it because it is a gorgeous blue that can be matched with almost anything. The birdseye texture is another characteristic of this fabric that just gives a luxurious feel. And finally, the subtle check adds a touch of flamboyance that is sure to stick out in elegance.

We love this suit worn right - as a three-piece suit.

From $1025
Fit Matters.
Sapphire Wool Tuxedo

We love this original blue fabric. Lightweight and comfortable, this blue fabric is distinct. It's not the typical blue you'd normally find off the rack - it really sticks out. We recommend this blue for anyone with tanned skin. If you're looking for a summer blue, this is it.

We love this fabric contrasted with black satin lapels. It makes for a gorgeous tux!

From $875
Fit Matters.
Black Jacquard Tuxedo

Our popular jacquard tuxedo jacket and waistcoat is the perfect top to combine with dress pants. We feature a stunning black jacquard custom suit with an embossed base, showcasing a stunning floral design. We recommend this unique fabric to anyone looking for a textured motif for their tuxedo. This definitely is one of our boldest and most powerful tuxedos.

We love this suit with satin peak lapels and and a double breasted shawl lapel waistcoat.

From $1060
Fit Matters.
Checker Wool Suit

No other way to describe this - a completely unique suiting experience. If you're looking to wear a suit and completely blow a room of suits away, this is it. The images speak for themselves.

Wear this as a three piece suit and go all out.

From $975
Fit Matters.
Grey Comfort Suit

2020 was the year of Covid. But it allowed for our team to design our travel and work-from-home collection. This beautiful fabric is stretchy and comfortable - designed for those working from home and the business casual traveller. Its lightweight and breathability are incredible attributes. Moreover, the lining-less build not only allows for comfort but also gives an athleisure drape and feel. One other cool thing about this suit is you can roll it up into a portable integrated bag.

We love the color - it's light and easy allowing you to look formal but casual at the same time.

We recommend this for anyone who works and moves around a lot at airports, offices, and home. If you're looking for a professional look while being comfortable, this is a no-brainer.

From $850