The actual personality of one’s suit is often described by its fit, top quality of material and its structure. Unfortunately, many people often ignore that the latter, structure, is equally important as the former, especially if you’re an individual that wears suits a lot. When you go out and buy a suit nowadays, doesn't matter if it’s offline or online, you come across the terms fused, half and full canvas. But what exactly do these conditions mean, and why are some suit development methods better than others? Structure performs a large part in the overall quality of a suit, which is why in this article we’ll be talking about the various kinds of fit suit structures namely, half canvas, full canvas and fused suits and why you ought to understand them.

Half Canvas Suit


Half canvas suit



As the name indicates, half the canvas of the fabric of your complete choice. Half canvassed suits have fabric content operating through the chest/stomach and lapel of the suit jacket only. Besides that, the better part of the suit is fused. Don’t let this bother you though. The advantages of this of suit are that it is cheaper than your complete option and less effervescent problems that you may find in a fused suit when it ages. The canvassing guarantees a good framework in the top part of your suit enabling it to decorate normally across the chest/stomach, rather than showing a firm and inactive much like many fused suits do. Because it needs significantly less work than complete option (full canvas), half canvas is a less expensive option while still offering the much-needed framework. It will definitely be more effective, relaxed, and will be better fitting than a suit without canvas, but is also less heavy and less organized than a full canvassed suit - however, with that said, many customers actually consider the light and less-structured experience of half canvassed suit.


Half Canvas Suit

Full canvas suit


Simply put, a full canvassed suit is one of top quality. Traditionally, these suits are made from a part of horsehair canvas beneath a made of wool fabric shell. This magnificently made canvas keeps the design of your suit and most significantly, keeps it from deforming or sagging, think of it as the base of your ensemble. This effective canvas is then cut to the jacket’s form and the made of wool shell is padded to it. Over time, as you use the suit, this brilliant canvas allows the fit fabric to mould to your body gradually developing a faultless fit. Durability is obtained through distressing pressure at pressure factors, i.e. shoulder area, arms, enabling your suit blend in and you to move easily. The only real issue with a full canvassed fabric fit is the additional cost, as it’s a more engaged process which takes much longer to finish. However, there is once again a part of personal choice here - full canvas does experience bulkier weight and is more organized on the body; some clients choose this, while others favour the more light and portable experience of half canvas.


Fused Suit


Fused half canvas full canvas suits


The other components of the suit's jacket which are not canvassed use what’s known as a “fused” interlining. This is an amalgamation of various components which are merged or laminated together via a warm course of treatment. This stiffens the fabric a little bit, and is faster and simpler to generate than the canvas, but does not really provide the same qualities as a real canvas - therefore, on a high quality fit, the less merged content and more canvas, the better. However, the combining procedure has been enhanced significantly with contemporary components and technological innovation - in previous times there were sometimes problems with delamination, and you may have often observed suits “bubbling” over time. Fortunately, this isn’t something to bother so much these days, as using fused materials in a suit is usual, and indeed, in most situations, suitable to saving cost. What frequently occurs but not so suitable though, is suits that are entirely merged, with no Canvas Interlining at all, known as “fully fused”.

The times when low quality fused fabrics are bubbled and damage many suits are mostly gone, but you should generally keep a distance from fully-fused apparels. At Suitablee, we make half canvassed suits by default, but for an extra charge, we will design you a full canvassed suit and you can be assured of a perfectly fitted apparel at the end of the day.


Keep it Stylin’,

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