We perfected the way men buy custom suits.
And made it affordable.

About Suitablee

Our Story

It all started from an idea: To combine old-school tailoring with technology while making our products accessible and affordable.

In October 2015, SUITABLEE was launched. We didn’t have an office. We didn’t have a webpage. No one in the fashion industry knew about us. We had no fancy grants and startup money. But we did have the work ethic, the background, and the passion. Here we were, two engineers launching into the large world of custom suits.

Our first years were about proving the demand for affordable custom suits. We made it easy and accessible – we would spend time on the road fitting all types of customers at their homes and offices. Whether in the rain, snow – we spent two years as mobile tailors. It wasn’t easy but we stuck to it and persevered while learning all the intricacies about custom tailoring. We stuck to it spending countless hours by the sides of tailors understanding all the ins and outs about what made a perfect suit.

In this journey, we learned everything about suits and dress shirts. We developed a state-of-the-art platform on suitablee.com to help in the design process. We learned all about marketing and partnerships. And most importantly, we learned about our customers and what they wanted: Quality, speed, precision and affordability.

Today, we’ve taken deep dives into artificial intelligence, body scans and efficiencies to produce perfect-fitting garments at 50% of the price that our competitors can offer. Technology is what differentiates us from the pack – we’re efficient and have reduced errors and all the overhead needed to produce sick suits.

As we grow, our business model remains small and nimble. We will remain without any storefronts while exploiting showrooms across North America. Most of our customers remain online. Everything has been organic and through our sweat, blood and humility. Our customers shouldn’t be paying for our inefficiencies and rent.

How It Works

  • About Suitablee
    You Design

    Use our design tool to customize your suit or shirt. Easily place your order on our site.

  • About Suitablee
    We Tailor

    Each suit or shirt is custom made and crafted to your unique specifications.

  • About Suitablee
    We Deliver

    Your suit or shirt is shipped and arrives at your door in about four weeks.

  • About Suitablee
    Guaranteed Fit

    If your suit or shirt does not fit, we’ll alter or remake your first suit or shirt free of charge.

About Suitablee


The foundation of any outfit starts with the fabric quality. We've become experts at knowing which fabrics help create a perfect fit while remaining light and comfortable. The SUITABLEE team has scoured the world's continents to find the perfect wool. We now carry wool from Australia, the UK and Italy. About 80% of SUITABLEE's wool is Australian because we've discovered that the drier inland areas of Australia make for a perfect climate for a specific breed of Spanish sheep.

About Suitablee

Quality & Precision

The construction of our suits combines the traditional art of tailored craftsmanship and the precision of laser cut fabrics along with artificial intelligence that determines optimal cut patterns.

Throughout the years, we've scanned thousands of bodies with our infrared scanner that's allowed us to find the best fitting patterns for specific body measurements. This has allowed us to deliver perfect fits 95% of the time. We've perfected tailoring and minimize all error. Furthermore, all suits are assembled locally in Montreal to ensure quality control.

About Suitablee

Custom Fit

Most people looking for a custom suit require specific attention to different body shapes. With the help of our artificial intelligent algorithms, fitting our customers has become a science. Taking into account shoulder slopes, back curvatures, all our suits and shirts a completely custom and built to your shape. Furthermore, information such as age, gender and occasion are taken into account when determining the right fit.

About Suitablee


We're often asked by our customers how we tailor such perfect garments at such an affordable price. The answer lies in the ability of our technology to limit guesswork during the tailoring process. With their engineering background, our co-founders took an engineering approach to building suits and dress shirts. Hundreds of specifications are given to our master tailors to avoid any guesswork. Thus, the ability to collect hundreds of data points in appointments combined with artificial intelligent algorithms, that help determine perfect patterns, limit errors during the tailoring process.